A suite of professional residential valuation and project estimation tools.

Bluebook information and services are utilized by leading insurance, mortgage banking, and recognized providers of the residential real estate services industries across the United States.

The Bluebook Platform - One Log In, One Methodology, Unlimited Reporting

When you sign up as a Bluebook professional, you gain instant access to all of our online tools through one simple sign in.

The Bluebook CVA is the ultimate platform for on-site valuations including BPO's, Inspections, Appraisals and more.

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Bluebook's Repair Estimator allows professionals of all types to create immediate and accurate "contractor quality" repair/remodel estimates.

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Property Preservation and Maintenance estimating solution allowing professionals of all types to create quick and accurate estimates

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The Bluebook CSI provide lenders, investors and property owners the advantage of an up front property valuation in just minutes.

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